Past Events

3 & 4 May 2019: Captivity and Ransom”: organized with Amy Remensnyder (Brown University) Mediterranean Seminar Spring Workshop, Brown University (Providence RI)

1 & 2 March 2019: “Turning Points”: organized with Molly Greene (Princeton University) Mediterranean Seminar Winter Workshop, Princeton University (Princeton NJ)

5 January 2019: Iberian Babel: Multilingualism and Translation in the Medieval and the Early Modern Mediterranean
Session at the Annual Meeting of the Modern Language Association (Chicago)

4 January 2019: Renegades, Turncoats, and Converts in the Pre- and Early Modern Mediterranean 
Session at the Annual Meeting of the Modern Language Association (Chicago)

26 & 27 October 2018• “Margins of the Mediterranean” Fall 2018 Mediterranean Seminar Workshop (26 & 27 October: Ann Arbor);

12 May 2018 • "Mediterranean Materiality and Consumption": a panel organized by Núria Silleras-Fernandez  at the 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo Michigan.

13 & 14 April 2018 • "Mediterranean Migrations": organized with David Wacks (U of Oregon) Mediterranean Seminar Spring Workshop, University of Oregon (Eugene)

2 & 3 February 2018 • “The Uses of Memory in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean”: organized with Thomas Burman (Notre Dame) Mediterranean Seminar Winter Workshop, Notre Dame University.

6 January 2018 •" Race and Nation (or Not?) in the Premodern Mediterranean"  at the annual meeting of the American Historical Association, Washington DC

3 & 4 November 2017  “Ethnicity, Faith and Communal Relations”Mediterranean Seminar Fall Workshop (CU Boulder), with additional support from the School for Graduate Studies , CU Boulder.

 22–26 May 2017 • “Reading Ladino/Judezmo2nd Mediterranean Seminar Summer Skills Seminar (featuring David Bunis, Hebrew University).

21 & 22 April, 2017 • “Mysticism and Devotion”: , organized with Nan Goodman (JWST), Mediterranean Seminar Spring Workshop (CU Boulder), with additional support from the Program in Jewish Studies, CU Boulder.

16 & 17 February 2017 • “Culture Wars”:,organized with Kenneth Baxter Wolf (Pomona College) Mediterranean Seminar Winter Workshop (Pomona College) 

11 & 12 November 2016•   “Magic, Medicine, and Technology in the Mediterranean": Mediterranean Seminar Fall 2016 Workshop, co-organized with and sponsored by the The Hill Museum and Manuscript Library (St, John's University, Collegeville MN) with additional support from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

17-20 May 2016• "Reading Aljamiado" •the first annual Mediterranean Seminar Summer Skills Seminar featuring, Dr. Nuria Martínez-de-Castilla (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) • CU Boulder • See the announcement; course alumni • (CU Boulder).

16 May 16 2016• Europe's Problem with Islam... 500 Years Ago: Morisco Identity & Aljamiado Literature in Early Modern Spain • A colloquium open to the public, featuring Brian A. Catlos (Religious Studies: CU Boulder), Sabahat Adil (Asian Languages & Civilizations: CU Boulder), and Núria Martínez-de-Castilla Muñoz (Arabic and Islamic Studies: Universidad Complutense de Madrid) • 6:30pm at the Grand Assembly Hall at Chautauqua Historical Park • Detailed information here.

13 May 2016• "Power and the Court in the Medieval Mediterranean” at the 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies, a session sponsored by the CU Mediterranean Studies Group and The Mediterranean Seminar;  organized by Núria Silleras-Fernández, CU Boulder & Zita Eva Rohr, University of Sydney, and presided over by Núria Silleras-Fernández (University of Western Michigan: Kalamazoo, MI).

8 & 9 April 2016• "Politics, Identity and Religion"" Mediterranean Seminar Spring 2016 Workshop, co-organized with and sponsored by the  the Armenian Studies Program at California State University Fresno.

3-5 March 2016• "Subterfuge and Deception in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean" Mediterranean Seminar Winter 2016 Workshop, co-organized with and sponsored by the The Center for Middle Eastern Studies (Harvard University).

20 November 2015• "MEH/Med: Middle East History/Mediterranean" 20 November 2015, a one-day symposium and prelude to the Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting (Boulder, CO).

5-31 July 2015• "Negotiating Identities: Expression and Representation in the Christian-Jewish-Muslim Mediterranean" (NEH Summer Institute) Barcelona, Spain.

13 & 14 April 2015• "Borders" (w/ Sharon Kinoshita & Nina [Oumelbenine] Zhiri, Literature, UC San Diego), UC Mediterranean Research Project Winter Workshop & Symposium, co-organized with the University of California San Diego (La Jolla, CA).

26-29 March 2015• "Italy in the Mediterranean I: Conflict," "Italy in the Mediterranean II: Images," and "Italy in the Mediterranean III: Identities": American Association of Italian Studies (Boulder, CO).

30 January 2015• "Trade & Exchange" (w/ Sharon Kinoshita & Baki Tezcan, History, UC Davis), UC Mediterranean Research Project Winter Workshop & Symposium, co-organized with the University of California Davis (Davis CA) in conjunction with the Western Ottomanists Workshop.

22-25 November 2014• "Muslim Clients and Subjects in the Pre-Modern Christian Mediterranean": (with Abigail Krasner Balbale, Bard Graduate Center), Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting (Washington DC).

7-8 November 2014• “Land and Sea in the Mediterranean World”: (w/ Sharon Kinoshita & Edward English, History, UC Santa Barbara), UC Mediterranean Research Project Fall Workshop & Symposium, co-organized with University of California Santa Barbara.

26 June 2014• “Medieval Iberia and the Mediterranean”, Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies Annual Conference, Modena, Italy.

15 June 2014• “History, Literature and Culture in a Mediterranean Frame” (w/ Roberta Morosini, Romance Languages, Wake Forest University) a one-day symposium at Instituto Sant’Anna (Sorrento, Italy)

2-3 May 2014• Power Relations and Religious Communities in the Western Mediterranean (Spain-North Africa Project Conference) & Mediterranean Connectivites (Spring MRP Workshop) (Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles CA)

7-8 March 2014• Minorities in the Mediterranean (Winter MRP Workshop and Symposium) (San Francisco State University)

4 January 2014• "Religious Diversity in the Medieval Mediterranean, Part 1: Inter-Communal Disputation and Discussion" & "Religious Diversity in the Medieval Mediterranean, Part 2: Intra-communal Disputation and Discussion" (128th American Historical Association Annual Meeting) (Washington, DC)

15-16 November 2013• Mediterranean Translations - (Fall MRP Workshop and Conference) (UC Berkeley)

2-4 May 2013• The Mediterranean and Maritime Perspectives (Spring MRP Workshop & Symposium) (UC Santa Cruz)

4 January 2013• "Stories of the Mediterranean in the Long Middle Ages I: Lives" & "Stories of the Mediterranean in the Long Middle Ages II: Places" (127th American Historical Association Annual Meeting) (New Orleans)

2 February 2013• Gendering the Mediterranean (Winter MRP Workshop) (UCLA)

9 November 2012• Excavating the Mediterranean Past (Fall MRP Workshop) (Santa Barbara)

2-27 July 2012• Networks and Knowledge: Synthesis and Innovation in the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Medieval Mediterranean, (NEH Summer Institute) (Barcelona)

5-7 April 2012•  ...Can We Talk Mediterranean? (Spring MRP Workshop & Round Table) (Boulder)

22-24 March 2012• Ethno-Religious Diversity and Cultural Innovation in the Medieval Mediterranean, (Mediterranean Research Meeting Workshop) (Montecatini)

5-8 January 2012• The Medieval Francophone Mediterranean (Division on French Medieval Language and Literature, Modern Language Association Annual Convention) (Seattle).

3 February 2012• Reconstructing the Mediterranean (Winter MRP Workshop) (San Diego)

6 January 2012• Pirates, State Actors, and Hegemonic Systems in the Pre-modern Mediterranean, I: Hegemony and Legitimacy and II: Transgressors and Opportunists (126th American Historical Association Annual Meeting) (Chicago)

29 October 2011• Rivalry & Rhetoric (Fall MRP Workshop) (UCLA)

1 July 2011• Was Medieval Portugal Mediterranean? (42nd Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies Meeting) (Lisbon)

8-9 April 2011• Mediterranean Empires (Spring MRP Workshop)(Davis)

18 February 2011• Court Culture in the Mediterranean (Winter MRP Workshop)(Santa Barbara)

8 January 2011• Pre- and Early Modern Literature in a Mediterranean Context (Modern Language Association Annual Meeting) (Los Angeles)

8 October 2010• Why the Mediterranean? (Fall MRP Workshop) (Santa Cruz)

4-30 July 2010• Cultural Hybridities: Christians, Muslims & Jews in the Medieval Mediterranean, (NEH Summer Institute) (Barcelona)

10 January 2010• Rethinking the Medieval Mediterranean (124th American Historical Association Annual Meeting) (San Diego)

Fall 2007- Spring 2009• Inter-Confessional Relations and Trade in the Medieval Mediterranean, (Collaborative Research Program) (Santa Cruz, Paris, Strasbourg, Los Angeles)

15 February 2009• Commerce and Religious Identity in the Late Medieval Mediterranean (UC France-Berkeley Fund) (Santa Cruz)

16 &17 January 2009• Alternative Teleologies: The Mediterranean and the Modern World(s) (Workshop & Conference) (Santa Cruz)

29 June-25 July 2008• The Medieval Mediterranean & the Emergence of the West, (NEH Summer Institute)(Barcelona)

September-December 2007• The Emergence of "The West": Shifting Hegemonies in the Medieval Mediterranean, (UCHRI Residential Research Group) (Irvine)


Co-Sponsored & Collaborative Events & Programs

9-11 September 2013•  Light Colour Line - Percieving the Mediterranean/ Conflicting Narratives and Ritual Dynamics. (5th International Conference of Mediterranean Worlds, Bern University)

20-22 June 2013• Boccaccio and the Venetian World: 700 Years of Cultural Crossing in Mediterranean Venice (Wake Forest University) (Venice)

31 January - 1 February 2013• Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean(Ahmanson Conference) (UCLA)

5-7 September 2012• Domino Effects and Hybridization of the Mediterranean (4th International Conference of Mediterranean Worlds, Mayis Universitesi) (Istanbul)

19–21 April 2012• Early Modern Migrations: Exiles, Expulsion, & Religious Refugees, 1400–1700(Victoria University , Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies) (Toronto)

4 May 2012• Legacies of the Mediterranean (Center for Ideas & Society, UC Riverside) 

3 February 2012• "(Re)constructing the Mediterranean Past (with a focus on the city)" (Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UC San Diego) (San Diego)

21 November 2011• Religion and Law in the Medieval Mediterranean World (American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting) (San Francisco CA)

28 October 2011• Rivalry and Rhetoric in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Envisioning Empire in the Old World (Center for 17th- & 18th-Century Studies) (Los Angeles)

6-9 September 2011• Convergence of the Mediterranean: Commerce, Capital and Trade Routes in the History of a Sea (3rd International Conference of Mediterranean Worlds, Università degli Studi di Salerno) (Salerno, Italy)

18 April 2011• Colloquium on the Medieval and Early Modern Mediterranean: New Approaches(Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto) 

30 March 2011• Ethnic Identity in the Medieval Mediterranean (Workshop, University of California at Davis) (Davis)

19 February 2011• Mediterranean Princely Courts and the Transmission of Culture (Conference, w/ University of California Santa Barbara) (Santa Barbara)

15-16 April 2010• Mediterranean Encounters in the City, (Boulder)

20 February 2009• Moving Commodities and Identities in the Mediterranean (USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute) (Los Angeles)

19–21 June 2003• Mediterranean Studies: Identities and Tensions (American University of Beirut) (Beirut)

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