Phase III

Founded in 2004 as a modest in-house venture at the University of California, Santa Cruz, the Mediterranean Seminar – currently with over 1,000 associated scholars worldwide – continues to be the leading initiative in Mediterranean Studies. June 2015 marked the end of our five-year Multi-Campus Research Project Initiative (MRPI), funded by the University of California Office of the President. Beginning in July 2010, this grant enabled us to organize fifteen workshop/conferences at six different University of California campuses and various collaborating institutions. In addition, we organized panels at the conferences of a number of scholarly associations (the Medieval Academy, the American Historical Association, the Middle East Studies Association, the Modern Language Association, the Society for the Study of the Medieval Mediterranean), as well as four NEH Summer Institutes for University and College Professors. We have launched a book series, Mediterranean Perspectives, with Palgrave Macmillan, currently with two volumes in the publication pipeline. Finally, and most importantly, we have continued to function as a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration and as a clearing house (via our email notifications) for projects relating to Mediterranean Studies, and we are proud of having contributed to the consolidation of what has become a very collegial and stimulating scholarly community.

Although our funding from the University of California has expired, we are supported by the University of Colorado at Boulder, and look forward to continuing our quarterly workshops with the support of our collaborators and their institutions. We also look forward to building new collaborations with institutions across North America and Europe as well as North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. If you are interested in hosting a Mediterranean Seminar Workshop, contact the Co-Directors at

Upcoming Mediterranean Seminar Workshops
▪    Fall 2016: “Magic, Medicine and Science: Cultures of Knowledge in the Medieval Mediterranean,” Hill Monastic Manuscript Library, October 7-8
▪    Winter 2017: “Culture Wars,” Pomona College, February 17–18
If you are interested in sponsoring and co-organizing a workshop, please contact the Co-Directors at

Panels at Professional Meetings and Conferences
The Mediterranean Seminar is happy to co-organize Mediterranean-oriented panels at academic conferences and meetings of professional societies. Contact the Co-Directors at for further information.

Book Series
We are proud to announce that the first volume of our new series, Mediterranean Perspectives, published by Palgrave Macmillan will appear in fall 2016. The Mediterranean World and Medieval and Early Modern Studies - Can We Talk Mediterranean?, ed. Catlos & Kinoshita, features essays by Brian Catlos, Sharon Kinoshita, Claire Farago, Cecily Hilsdale and Peregrine Horden.
Mediterraneans is accepting proposals for monographs, collections of essays, translations, and editions of sources that engage with or relate to larger issues of Mediterranean history and culture. Inquiries may be made to the Co-Directors at

Undergraduate Textbook
With the sponsorship of the Mediterranean Seminar, Thomas Burman, Brian Catlos & Mark Meyerson are writing an undergraduate course book with the working title, “The Sea in the Middle: The Mediterranean World, 650—1650CE.”  Suitable for lower- and mid-level college courses, this textbook surveys the history and culture of the Mediterranean world in the medieval and early modern periods, emphasizing the interaction of the three Abrahamic faiths and integrating key developments in European, African, and West Asian histories. The book

Skills Seminars
Hosted by CU Boulder and the CU Boulder Mediterranean Studies Group, we will offer the first of our annual Skills Seminars in May 2015. Open to graduate students, scholars, and cultural professionals, the first course, “Reading Aljamiado,” will feature Prof. Nuria Martinez-de-Castilla (Universidad Complutense, Madrid).

Mediterranean Studies Orientation Seminars
Brian Catlos and Sharon Kinoshita offer 1- or 2-day orientations on Mediterranean Studies pedagogy and research for faculty and graduate students. If you are interested in hosting an Orientation Seminar, contact the Co-Directors for further information.